Youth sentenced to life in Dhaka instead of being sentenced: RAB


Sentencing Md Sohag. –Picture collected.

A youth surrendered to a magistrate’s court in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka three years ago and is serving a life sentence in a murder case instead of the convict in exchange for cash, have Rapid Action Battalion officials said Sunday.

The convict was roaming freely, had been involved in the drug trade for years, had falsified passports and obtained a tourist visa for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to avoid arrest.

The scam came to light when the Rapid Action Battalion arrested real convict Sohag on Saturday as he went to Mitford Hospital in Dhaka for a Covid test before leaving Bangladesh for the United Arab Emirates.

The youth named Mohammad Hossain, a cousin of Sohag, is serving a life sentence at Dhaka Central Jail in Keraniganj instead of the convict since 2018, RAB-10 Commander Additional Deputy Inspector General Mahfuzur said. Rahman, during a briefing on Sunday.

Sohag forged a passport from Sharitpur passport office in exchange for money where he used his uncle’s name as his father’s. He obtained a passport in November 2021 and obtained a tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates for three months on January 18.

Sohag was supposed to leave for the United Arab Emirates and went to Mitford Hospital for a Covid test on Saturday from where an RAB team arrested him, the RAB official said.

Mahfuzur said Sohag was charged in the case with the murder of a man named Humayun Kabir Titu at Kadamtali in Dhaka in November 2010.

Sohag was arrested in December 2010 and sentenced to almost four years in prison. He was released on bail in May 2014 and became a fugitive. He was sentenced to life in absentia in December 2017.

Sohag convinced his cousin Hossain to go to jail in his place and promised to give him 5,000 Tk per month. He also secured Hossain’s release for two months, RAB official Mahfuzur said.

Hossain went to court on January 1, 2018 posing as Sohag and the court sent him to jail.

Hossain has languished in prison since then and Sohag roamed free.

Sohag was mainly staying in Dhaka and Shariatpur and was involved in the drug trade, said RAB-10 deputy director Major Shahriar Ziaur Rahman.

He also attempted to flee to India illegally but failed and then planned to forge documents and leave for the United Arab Emirates.


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