US professor Simon Croom highlights the need for long-term supply chain solutions in times of crisis


While much of the current discussion regarding the supply chain crisis has revolved around the upcoming holiday season, the article by supply chain management professor Simon Croom in Industry today urges companies to plan beyond the short term. Medium- and long-term solutions are needed to maintain sustainable supply chains beyond the holidays.

Simon Croom is a professor in the School of Business at the University of San Diego and one of the most cited academic authors in the field of supply chain with expertise in supply chain management, strategy for world-class and sustainable and responsible supply chain operations.

Extract as it appears in Industry Today:

Why the supply chain crisis needs long-term solutions

A hallmark of crisis situations is that the immediate pressure of the moment seldom leaves people the luxury of thinking about deeper questions outside of how to get through the crisis. The pandemic has illustrated this on many different levels for just about every industry. And yet, at some point we will have to ask ourselves much more fundamental and long-term questions. For most retailers, getting through this holiday season will be the most pressing short-term concern. But once the seasonal chaos has passed, they’ll want to tackle mid-term issues of supply chain visibility, SKU streamlining, and better integration of marketing with supply chains. But even these solutions will at best only alleviate the problems that will continue …


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