St. Petersburg residents hope the city’s ‘Pothole Blitz’ will provide a long-term solution


PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Some Petersburg residents say the city’s Pothole Blitz couldn’t come soon enough, as crews prepare to repave the streets next week.

Starting Monday, three teams from the Street Maintenance Division of the Petersburg Public Works Department will visit each neighborhood to repave the roads.

It’s something Walicia Cole, who has lived in the city for 30 years, has been waiting all this time.

“As you go down Young’s Road, you’ll see huge potholes,” Cole said. “We almost have to come to a complete stop just to cross that little bridge.”

This is part of Petersburg’s annual “Pothole Blitz”. Crews will travel to each department through April to repair potholes.

The blitz formed in 2010, and the city continues to evaluate which roads need to be repaved. The city spends $1 million a year to repave the streets.

“Sometimes potholes seem to pop up overnight,” Cole said.

The city said ice, snow and cold weather cause more potholes.

Cole said areas like Young’s Road and Commerce Street had several, making his daily commute unsafe.

“It’s impossible for residents to continually report potholes that we can’t drive and talk on cell phones, it’s against the law,” Cole said. They even arranged for his car to end up at the mechanic for repairs.

Cole hopes the Pothole Blitz is a long-term solution.

“When I see the potholes filled in, it’s literally a process of filling in the potholes and taking a huge hammer and hammering on the potholes,” Cole said. “It’s only a temporary solution.”

The department said all neighborhoods will be covered and the repair blitz will run from March 14 to April 15.

Petersburg is asking residents who experience potholes to report them to the city using street names, landmarks and photos if possible.

Potholes can be reported by calling the Petersburg Street Service at 804-733-2415or by going to City website and clicking on the “Report a problem” button.

Pothole Repair Dates:

  • Ward 5: March 14 to 18
  • Ward 6: March 21 to 25
  • Ward 4: March 28 – April 1
  • Wards 7 and 2: April 4 – April 8
  • Wards 1 and 3: April 11 – April 15

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