Rush Street Interactive Stock: betting on long-term success (NYSE:RSI)


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Rush Street Interactive (New York Stock Exchange: RSI) is an online casino and sports betting and entertainment company headquartered in Chicago, although it operates in both the United States and Mexico. The company offers a wide range of games products that generate income from multiple sources around the world. Apart from casino games, the company also offers social games, involving in-game purchases from which the company derives its revenue. The widespread use of mobile and online devices for everything, including betting, is driving both markets up tremendously. It is becoming easier and easier for both small businesses to establish an online presence and convince the market. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for investors to decide what to settle on.

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In this analysis, we will see why Rush Street Interactive is a good buy for investors. Looking at what it has to offer, along with the growing market and the progressive changes taking place, it becomes clear that Rush Street Interactive is a company to invest in.

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The global casino market was valued at approximately $123.4 billion in 2020. The industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.7% by 2026, when it is expected to reach approximately $153.2 billion. of dollars. The U.S. market alone was worth $70.1 billion in 2021, followed by Asia-Pacific, which accounts for about half of that market value. The latter, however, is expected to grow rapidly, at an estimated CAGR of 4.5% by the end of the analysis period. Different regions contribute in different ways, with Nevada contributing the most to the casino industry, as expected. The nature of business is slowly changing towards a completely online business. The online market was valued at around $66.7 billion in 2020 and could reach $92.9 billion by 2023.

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Rush Street Interactive has a rich history, having gone through different phases, each of which involved the sale of several different products, some of which are now expired. However, the company has done well to integrate its products into online platforms, ensuring that the company remains on top of the game. It has since posted impressive engagement numbers, with millions of users across multiple platforms engaging with its various products. The company continues to make progress on this front, as evidenced by some recent purchases and additional partnerships. These partnerships include an agreement with Grupo Multimedios, a Mexican company, to expand its online casino and sports betting announced for the second quarter of 2022.

The company also continued its expansion in the United States, where it launched its online sportsbook in Connecticut, making it the third online operator in that state. The company also announced an agreement with the New Orleans Pelicans to become an official sports betting partner. The company will also need to invest in improved technology to bolster its growth alongside its various partnerships. A look at the company’s past revenues, the business areas that have contributed the most to growth, and how RSI has managed its expenses will reveal what to expect by the end of the current year. .


Rush Street Interactive recorded a profit of $130.6 million in the fourth quarter, marking an increase from $100 million in the last quarter of 2020 or a total increase of 31% during this period. This is the highest quarter of the period in terms of sales for the full year, after increasing by $123 million in the previous quarter, due to an increase in traffic in the last three month. US Monthly Active Users, or MAUs, grew about 28% in the fourth quarter when measuring year-over-year growth. However, operating profit was also at an all-time high, with the company falling further from -$17.7 million in Q3 to -$37 million in Q4. Revenues may see a slight decline in the first quarter of 2022, which is expected to have slightly lower traffic compared to the end of the year.

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The company spent significantly more on advertising and promotions, which grew from $23.1 million in Q4 2020 to a total of $64 million in 2021. All of this contributed to a larger net loss, from – $5.3 million in the third quarter to -$10.5 million. in the fourth quarter, almost double the amount lost compared to the previous quarter. Overall, this resulted in a total loss for the company of -$19.5 million throughout the year, a significant drop from the already low net income of $1 million applicable to Rush Street shareholders. Interactive reported in late 2020.

If RSI is to stay afloat, it will need to be able to manage its revenue better in the coming quarters, especially as the company has seen a steady increase in revenue. Total reported revenue for the end of the year was approximately $488.2 million, down from $278.5 million in 2020 and just $63.7 million a year prior. The annual growth of MAUs in the United States increased by 67% for the whole year. Yet the company still managed to report a total net loss of $71.1 million for the full year. However, quarterly earnings may be somewhat misleading, as it has been implied that the company does not appear to be making any gains.

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Operating profit actually improved slightly from -$133.4 million in 2020 to a total of -$94.3 million in 2022. That’s still not enough, which doesn’t make not much to improve the profitability of the company, but it is always an encouraging sign that the company can continue to grow while making progress in controlling its expenses. At year-end, the company reported $281 million in cash and cash equivalents.


Rush Street Interactive faces fierce competition from other sports betting and online casino companies, even as it continues to expand its reach and bring new products to market. This is a risk factor that the company will always have to face and which can only remain relevant by continuing to provide updated products to ensure continued revenue growth.

However, the nature of RSI’s market is unique to regulatory threats that could threaten the business in multiple ways. This includes all possible infractions, which could result in hefty fines or even threaten entire operations. A company as large as RSI is well regulated, with entire committees and other bodies overseeing the company’s financial and business dealings, making the likelihood of such a breach minimal. This is always something investors need to watch out for, and keeping a close eye on the company’s board is key to identifying any future incidents. This not only includes the comings and goings of board members, but also transactions made within the company’s own investors, such as any major sales.

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At this time, there are no signs that the company will face any regulatory challenges, and its current core products are doing well enough to boost sales and overall revenue. If the business can find a way around some of its expenses, balancing them with its total income, Rush Street Interactive will prove to be a profitable business for the foreseeable future. Taxes will always be part of the nature of business, but the business can better prepare for them with competent management.


Rush Street Interactive forecasts revenue of up to $630 million by the end of 2021. The company said it expects 24% year-over-year growth in its official guidance. This focus may be offset by some of the aforementioned risk factors, as well as business expenses, but these factors can be addressed through better management strategies. Even so, the general consensus is that the company will continue to grow and is a solid buy, but optimistic investors should prepare for something longer term rather than expect a quick turnaround.


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