Rob Burton is running for another term as mayor


Rob Burton has officially announced his intention to run for a fifth term as mayor of Oakville.

Surrounded by family, supporters and board members, Burton declared his intention at the Seasons restaurant in downtown Oakville.

He said he’s running again because he’s still excited about getting the job done.

“Every time you solve a problem, there’s a touch of satisfaction,” he said. “A lifetime of doing this inspires me to keep doing it.”

With Burton’s announcement, the city is heading for a rematch of the 2018 election battle for mayor.

Earlier this week, Julia Hanna, an Oakville restaurant owner and former president of the Chamber of Commerce, announced her intention to run for mayor in the October municipal election.

In 2018, Burton beat Hanna by 3,487 votes. He received 49.6% of the vote, while Hanna got 42%.

Third, John McLaughlin, who indicated he had no intention of racing again, got the remaining 8.4%.

A prepared speech to launch Burton’s campaign leaned heavily on his accomplishments since winning the job from Ann Mulvale in 2006.

“Our constituents overwhelmingly tell us that Oakville is on the right track,” he said.

Tax increases have stayed at or below inflation, the Glen Abbey golf course has been protected from development and the city has kept pace with the growth that has come, Burton said.

“My greatest pride is how well we have met our needs for new community centers, arenas, fields, parks, roads, public transit and many more are to come,” he said. declared.

He added that Oakville has weathered the pandemic “better than almost any other community you can think of” because it kept moving forward on its priorities.

Burton promised the campaign would see him share his vision for a strategy designed in Oakville to increase affordable and accessible housing for all.

“You can count on me to continue to enthusiastically create the inclusive and sustainable future that we all want for all,” he said.

“You can count on me because of my proven track record of delivering what I promise.”


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