Research shows long-term changes in consumer behavior and impacts on retailers


According to the latest research from Zebra Technologies Corp., only 40% of buyers fully trust retailers to fulfill orders as promised.

Additionally, only 51 percent of retail associates trust retailers to fulfill their customers’ e-commerce orders. These findings represent greater mistrust between buyers and retailers today, said the authors of the company’s annual Global Shopper study. Notably, among the decision makers surveyed, only 55% said they were completely reliable in fulfilling online orders as promised.

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New feelings create new consumer behaviors, with many shoppers not reverting to pre-pandemic behaviors. In fact, with two-thirds of shoppers stating that they plan to return to stores, 73% of survey respondents said they plan to get in and out of stores quickly. 65% of those surveyed said they are always concerned about exposure to others and don’t trust retailers to follow in-store health and safety mandates or protocols the same way they do. did in 2020.

The report authors also found that new omnichannel behaviors are occurring in stores, with 58% of shoppers saying it’s faster to search for information on a smartphone than to ask associates for help. And a majority of associates (64%) agree – leaving retailers in the dark when in-store shoppers consider mobile shopping or even purchase an item through a competitor.

Half of shoppers said they also research product prices online before leaving their homes for a store, and a third said they use a mobile device to research competitive prices or browse websites online at researching products while on a shopping trip. A third also checks online store inventory – up from just 19% in 2019 – with more than 70% saying they recently left a store without all the items they wanted due to out-of-stock items.

At the same time, many buyers do not want to leave their homes to shop. Seventy-three percent of shoppers told the company that they would rather have items delivered to them than picking up orders in store or another location and 77 percent of consumers said they’ve placed a mobile order – which represents more than half of baby boomers taking advantage of the option.

“Consumers appreciate the convenience of door-to-door and door-to-door delivery options, especially as retailers have added new fulfillment options and incentive mobile commerce transactions,” said Bill Inzeo, Global Retail. Technology Strategist at Zebra Technologies. “Many retailers have adjusted their processes to reflect the popularity of these new retail experiences and their perspective on the importance of Technology exchange.”

Almost 90% of decision makers surveyed told the company they were looking for ways to improve in-store picking and packaging as well as warehouse order fulfillment – labor shortages and l ‘Associate dissatisfaction being key factors, most also say they plan to deploy manpower and tasks. management software next year.


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