PAL favoring long-term investments


PHILIPPINE Airlines (PAL) plans to focus on long-term investments for 2023, saying it is cautiously optimistic about the outlook for next year, even as tourism demand has increased significantly.

At the General Membership Meeting of the Philippines Management Association held on October 14, 2022, PAL President and CEO Captain Stanley Ng said that due to several challenges challenges that hamper the aviation industry, the flag carrier is more focused on the long term. investments, such as the digitization of processes, particularly on customer experiences.

“Due to high aviation fuel prices, inflation and a possible recession, we remain cautiously optimistic for 2023,” Ng said in an interview with reporters. “Enhancing our customer experience digitally is our number one priority right now, so we’re looking at several customer relationship management systems and other things related to digitalization.”

Ng also mentioned that PAL domestic flights have reached 90% of pre-pandemic levels and are expected to reach 100% by December this year.

For international flights, Ng said the airline is at 60% of the pre-pandemic level and will reach 70% also by December this year.

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“The reason we’re not 100% on international routes is because China is 20% of our market,” Ng said.

He also mentioned that their target revenue for the second half of 2022 is around $2.6 billion, adding that PAL expects to reach this figure as the $2 billion level has already been reached. .


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