Not Resting on Your Laurels – Daily Editor’s Notes



James M. Berklan

Welcome to the new McKnight’s. You told us that you find McKnight’s be informative, trustworthy and essential. With our redesign, we are building on these three distinctive traits.

So consider it: informative. Reliable. Essential. All in uppercase.

Our new look keeps the things you always wanted and loved from McKnight’s – breaking news, reliable industry information and analysis and new insights – and adding more. For 42 years, we have been the most trusted and influential voice in long-term care and we will continue to do so. We’ve won over 200 writing and publishing awards over the past few years, and you’ll see those numbers will continue to climb as well.

We have modernized our logo and refreshed our website. You’ll also see redesigned print magazine pages, starting with our November issue. All with the same goal in mind: to provide you with an exceptional user experience and even more the best insights and insights into the increasingly important world of long-term care.

New is a refreshed version of his award-winning self. Even as a market leader, we don’t want to rest on our laurels. You’ll continue to see the best of everything the brand has to offer, with better navigation and more entry points.

It also better integrates our three sites: the flagship brand, McKnight Long Term Care News (To, McKnight Seniors Residence ( and the most recent addition to the family, McKnight Home Care ( You will have seamless access to content from all three, including the latest news feeds from our daily email newsletters.

Whether you want to learn more about the people, policies and trends shaping the industry, participate in our rewards programs, or register for our in-person or virtual events, the new site will make your travel easier in a user-friendly way.

What awaits you is a next-level experience with a mix of visually engaging content that’s right for you.

And by you. Some things won’t change, and that includes your ability to submit to post a guest blog at any time, on virtually any topic relevant to LTC. If you don’t send something, we can’t execute it. It’s that simple. If you feel like it, write. Get published. (Guidelines can be found near the bottom here.)

Like always, is an evolutionary vehicle. Please watch carefully and let us know what you think.

We may have changed the way we look a bit, but our commitment to helping you be successful at your job hasn’t changed at all.

Remember: it’s important to us… because it’s important to you.

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The views expressed in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News columns are not necessarily those of McKnight’s.



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