Maruha Nichiro: Mid-Term Management Plan “For the ocean, for life MRV 2024”


March 28, 2022

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Masaru Ikemi


Hiroyuki Metoki


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The new medium-term management plan of the Maruha Nichiro Group

“For the ocean, for life MRV 2024”

Maruha Nichiro Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) hereby announces that the company has developed a new mid-term management plan, “For Ocean, For Life MRV 2024”, for the next three years of l fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2024.

With this plan, to exemplify our group philosophy “to be an essential part of society by improving everyone’s daily life with wholesome, safe and wholesome food” based on our brand statement, “For the ocean, for the life “, our group will be continuously committed to improving enterprise value and generating sustainable growth by creating “Maruha Nichiro Economic Value”, “Social Value” and “Environmental Value”. even in a competitive business environment.

  • 1. Summary of the old medium-term management plan

    Our group, under the former “Innovation to 2021” plan from fiscal year 2018, addressed three main strategies; “Additional increase in profitability”, “Investing in growth” and “Strengthening the foundations of the business”.

    Especially in the processed food sector, profitability and the financial base have been strengthened thanks to the reorganization of production facilities and strategic investments. However, we still have challenges ahead, such as refining the business model, further investing in growing businesses, and strengthening the value chain across all departments.

  • 2. New long-term corporate vision towards 2027

    We have redefined the company’s long-term vision to increase business value and generate sustainable growth.

3. Overview of the new medium-term management plan “For the ocean, for life MRV 2024” (1) Three major orientations in the new medium-term management plans

To pursue the redefined long-term corporate vision, we are developing a retrospective approach roadmap for non-linear growth and committing to “integration of business strategy and sustainability”, “Implementing Managing to Create Value” and “Strengthening Business Foundations for Sustainable Growth. “

(2) Integration of business strategy and sustainability

By integrating business strategy and sustainability, we will create Maruha NOTichiro Value (MNV) to all of our stakeholders and enhance business value and drive sustainable growth. To create MNV, we will regularly execute business strategies to maximize “Maruha Nichiro’s economic value”, which is the basis for making business continuous, and aim to maximize “social value” and “environmental value”.


(3) Implementation of management for value creation – KGI Financial Enterprise Strategy –

*Basic concept of MNEVMaruha NOTichiro Eeconomic Vvalue

We calculate the “MNEV spread” by subtracting the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) from the return on invested capital (ROIC) and obtain the MNEV by multiplying the MNEV spread by the amount of invested capital. It represents the economic amount of the added value of the enterprise derived from the operation of the enterprise.

(4) Implementation of a value-creating management -Sustainability-

We will clarify the role we should play as the #1 seafood company in the world and look at materiality and aim to create “environmental value” and “social value”.

(5) Strengthening business foundations for sustainable growth


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