Kyle Baxter Seeks Third Term on Perry School Board


Perry School Board President Kyle Baxter is running for a third term on the board.

Editor’s Note: The following statement was drafted by Kyle Baxter’s campaign committee.

When we were approached to write a bio on Kyle, we hesitated. He doesn’t like to brag about his accomplishments. He’s the kind of person who will help in a behind-the-scenes situation because he doesn’t need the spotlight. These are the characteristics of a true leader. It feeds on the success of those around it.

Kyle graduated from Perry High School in 2002. He attended DMACC Community College for a year before deciding to focus on his business. Kyle is the founder and owner of Accujet. And he is currently the president of the company.

He is married to his high school girlfriend, Mindy, and together they have three children: a daughter, Reese (14) and a pair of twins, Charlie and Cash (10).

Kyle is a lifetime resident of Perry, and his family roots go back to the founding of Perry herself. As a result, Kyle graduated from Perry High School and he is still deeply involved in the community to which he is loyal.

Kyle is the chairman of the school board, a member of the Perry Jr. Jays Wrestling Club and many other community activities and organizations. So he devotes a lot of time and resources to giving back to the city in which his family is so deeply rooted.

He also enjoys camping with his family, cooking, spending time with friends and supporting his children in their sports and other school activities. And in a family where all the children are heavily involved in the struggle, there is never a dull moment in the Baxter household.

Kyle has been a member of the school board for eight years. For six of those years, he was president of the school board. During those eight years he has been very active in the renovation of the parking lot at Perry Elementary School, renovations at Dewey Field, the expansion of industrial technology and the commercial area, the new multi-purpose hall, and is currently very active in 21st century education at Perry Middle School. Renovation of the environment.

In addition, while serving on the board, Capturing Kids Hearts, PCSD Success Center, Middle School I-Jag and many other important school programs have been added to our district.

Kyle and the rest of the board spent countless hours hiring the superintendent.

During the pandemic period, Kyle listened to his constituents and researched how to keep the district as safe as possible. Since our children returned to school in August 2020, they haven’t missed a day of school because of the pandemic.

Sometimes Kyle spent more than 20 hours a week attending to school needs. Even as we develop a successful business, it still takes time if our district needs it.
When you look at Kyle and his family. . . you see Perry Pride!


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