KTM 390 Adventure Long Term Review: To Buy or Not To Buy


Seat comfort. From the ergonomics of the upright seat, which takes the strain off your back, to the wide handlebars that give you good leverage, and the roomy seat that’s easy to get comfortable for riders of different sizes, it’s easy to spend long hours on the 390 ADV. Now, some might find the seat a little stiff, but the longer you sit on it, the better.

Right side view of the KTM 390 Adventure

Ride quality. The well-sorted ride quality complements the comfortable seats. For starters, the 390 ADV has more travel than most street bikes. And that allowed KTM to play with springs that were tight but not harsh, and slower damping. As a result, the 390 handles undulations at bumps, potholes at road joints, and jumps and dips with comfort and poise. He never feels busy or unstable.

Ease of daily use. A bike must have a few key ingredients to make it a hassle-free motorcycle to ride on a daily basis. It should be easy, manageable and intuitive. With its wide handlebars, good turning radius and relatively quick-reacting front end, the 390 ADV is easy enough for a tall bike to weave through traffic. It also doesn’t get hot no matter how long you’re stuck in traffic. The clutch pull is light, the throttle isn’t harsh, and the brakes are both powerful and easy to modulate. Its energy efficiency isn’t bad either.

KTM 390 Adventure TFT / instrument cluster

Affordable maintenance. Officially, the 390 Adventure must be serviced every 7,500 km, in addition to the first service which takes place after 1,000 km. Our bike, however, has already undergone three complete services, including oil and oil filter changes, even though it has only covered 10,000 km. We took this route because we rode our 390 pretty hard, whether showing it track days, demanding off-road trails, or relentless, almost non-stop, 1000km-per-minute highway races. day. The fact that a full service at a KTM dealership costs less than Rs 3,000 only helped here. In addition, nothing else needs to be replaced, be it the chain set or the brake pads. And even these are not expensive to replace.

KTM 390 Adventure Touring

Touring capacity. Yes, you read that correctly earlier; we did a few days of 1000km riding on the 390 Adventure, and they weren’t too hard on us. The riding position, ride quality, standing ergonomics, braking, as well as seat padding are all well judged to make this achievable. It’s not as demanding as you might imagine going over 300 km in a row, especially with your butt, back or hands not ending up whining too much. Also, at this point the 390 will mostly need a tank. So, of course, you have to take a break. It’s also easy to pack bags on the bike, and there are enough and more touring accessories available for that, from rear racks and seatstays to auxiliary light mounts and the like.

The bike needs better wind protection, which was easily solved by buying an affordable windshield extension from an e-commerce site. The lights also had to be more powerful, with a deeper reach to make early morning departures or late evening arrivals less taxing. However, the solution to this problem doesn’t come cheap, so we’ve stayed away so far.

KTM 390 Adventure Course

Horseback riding. Show the 390 Adventure some flat trails and it’ll feel right at home. It has good standing ergonomics, and it’s not too difficult to grip either. Plus, with the traction control off, there’s plenty of power to rock the rear end at will. And I don’t mind getting some air; nothing too serious, but good enough to put a smile on your face and make for a great Instagram post.


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