Kazakhstan wants lasting and stable trade relations with Pakistan


QUETTA: Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Yerjan Kustafin, said Kazakhstan wants stable and long-term trade relations with Pakistan.

Industrial and commercial owners of the two countries should take advantage of the existing investment opportunities to play a role in strengthening bilateral trade relations, the Kazakh ambassador said.

He said that the embassy will direct the immediate issuance of visas on visa applications sent by the Quetta Balochistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Whether it is industry and commerce or education, we will cooperate as much as possible with Pakistan and Balochistan,” the ambassador said.

“There is no shortage of potential in Balochistan. The Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry will give priority to suggestions and opinions from Balochistan officials and members,” he said.

He voiced these views while addressing officials and members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry during his visit to Quetta, Balochistan on Thursday.

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Earlier, Fida Hussain Dashti, President of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Senior Vice President Haji Muhammad Ayub Mariani, Haji Akhtar Kakar and others welcomed Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to the Chamber of Commerce and industry from Quetta and said they would like to visit Kazakhstan. He said issuance of visas should be facilitated for those involved in Balochistan industry and commerce and in this regard, immediate orders should be issued on visa applications sent by the Chamber of Commerce.

“Pakistani traders import large amounts of scrap metal from Kazakhstan, while exporting potatoes, mangoes, onions and other foodstuffs, earning both countries a large amount of foreign currency. We want Kazakh experts in minerals, education and other areas,” he said. He said: “In order to benefit investors, it is important that our delegation is invited to Kazakhstan so that we can learn about the opportunities there,” he said.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Yerjan Kastafin, declared that it was his first visit to Balochistan. He thanked officials and members of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry for meeting him here.

He said that the peoples of Pakistan and Kazakhstan have a long history of brotherly Islamic and cultural relations.

He said investors from Pakistan and Kazakhstan should play their part in enhancing bilateral trade relations by taking advantage of the investment opportunities available in the two countries.

“Kazakhstan offers educational, tourism and business opportunities. We want to further develop economic cooperation through mutual contacts,” he said.

He invited officials and members of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry to visit Kazakhstan and said he wanted business delegations from both countries to know about existing investment opportunities and scientifically understand the opportunities. existing in both countries.

“We want the train between Kazakhstan and Iran to also reach Pakistan. This will further improve business relations,” he said.

He said people associated with Pakistan’s industry and commerce will soon be able to repay money to each other through the Bank of Punjab and two banks in Kazakhstan. In this regard, reimbursement of the funds would be possible in the coming weeks.

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