Kane Cornes’ first six long-term contract Hall of Fame inductees


Kane Cornes has created the “Jared Polec Long-Time Contract Corridor of Fame”, where he will name players who have signed unfortunate or overly long contracts.

This is a close look at the mistakes golf equipment makes, not players making the best deals they can find.

Cornes took six actors through the inaugural Corridor of Fame and defined how the idea would work.

“You understand, I’m the first ticket holder because I’m fed up with some of the long-term contracts being handed out along the trip, so I wanted to make it official,” he said. Whatley from SEN.

“It’s not a criticism of the player at all, because if I was a player I would have as long a contract as possible and I would do the same if I was their supervisor. That’s the deal, it’s membership, it’s silly that the golf team keeps making these mistakes year after year.

“A rather lighthearted look at the mistakes the golf team has made and continues to make, partly on the back of Brodie Grundy. Considering he’s already able to trade two years after that seven-year deal, I’m surprised at the mistakes Collingwood has made.

“He’s not in the hall of fame but, however, he’s a watch.”

See the first Cornes participants below

Dan Hannebery (Saint Kilda)

“Dan Hannebery, 2018, four-year contract with a fifth forfeit of $800,000 per season, is our first member. He has played just 15 games for the Saints, only two of them in the past two seasons.

Jared Polec (North Melbourne)

“Speaks for itself. A five-year, four-million deal, three years into a huge deal, then delisted, reorganized, played 20 games in the last three years and believe it or not, he still has a year on that deal.

Rory Sloane (Adelaide)

At 28, he was given a five-year contract to stay in Adelaide and would make him Adelaide’s highest-paid participant, I’m pretty sure.

“Since signing the contract, he has missed 37 video games in 4 years. Adelaide are eleventh, fifteenth and sixteenth and may be 33 in the first round after an ACL injury next year and a year away from that big deal.

“A great man, a mighty leader, but a horrible five-year contract for the Crows.”

Rory Atkins (Golden Coast)

“After competing in four video games for Adelaide in 2020 alone, they have signed a four-year deal with the Gold Coast.

“He’s only played 15 games since then, mostly as a substitute, and he’s got two more years on that deal.”

Wayne Milera (Adelaide)

“5-year contract in 2020. After signing the contract, he only played 11 games in three seasons and he still has a few years left.”


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