How to Score High in a Class 12 Accounting Paper


Achieving good grades in accounting in CBSE class 12 has always been a challenge for students as it is not presented to them in middle school unlike arts and science subjects. It is also one of the crucial subjects as students who opt for the business major usually aim for careers in chartered accounting and finance after their class 12. Here are some tips that could help students score high.

Prepare a personalized plan

This is the first time that students have attempted quarterly exams with a syllabus divided into two parts. However, the preparation time for the upcoming exam is less than it looks as students have consecutive practice exams and pre-internships amid holidays like Holi, Ramadan and Shivratri lined up in the months to to come. Therefore, students should plan their study, practice, and review schedule in advance and follow it diligently.

Divide the program into smaller parts

It is better to divide the program into smaller parts. For example, the semester 2 program can be divided into three parts:

1. Non-profit organizations.

2. Partnership – Retirement/death of partner and dissolution of partnership.

3. Statutory accounts – Debentures and analysis of financial statements – Common and comparative statements and statement of cash flows.

Students should devote sufficient time to each part during their preparation and assess their ability and understanding of these parts at least twice a week until the exams.

Be careful when writing numbers

Carefully read the digits or numbers given in the questions and be careful while writing them on the answer sheets. Beware of writing extra zeros or skipping any as this may change the whole answer and your marks may be deducted. Try to write the amount in a set order so that you can add up quickly if necessary.

Write complete answers

Read the question at least twice before answering. Avoid writing anything that is not asked or irrelevant to the question. This will only waste time and yield no marks.

Be sure to try all subsections of a question together. For example, it is a common mistake for students to prepare accounts in dissolving questions when the questions may require them to only give journal entries. In the statement of cash flows, the total cash flows from all activities should equal the difference between the closing balance and the opening balance of cash and cash equivalents.

Proper presentation/format

Be particular about how you write the answer. The format should always be incorrect, Dr and Cr should be on the correct side of the ledger account, and the journal entries should have a narration part. The account header must always be correct.

Check and double check to ensure the quality of your answer

Always make time for reviewing an exam. In the rush to complete the assignment, students make spelling mistakes, numerical errors, or leave a subpart of a question unanswered and write the wrong report format. Make sure you have time to review and verify these important items.

— Written by Lalit Kumar Sharma teaches Accounting at Vidyagyan Leadership Academy

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