Gretzky launches campaign for third term at Queen’s Park


NDP candidate for Windsor West, Lisa Gretzky, officially launched her campaign Wednesday morning as the provincial election campaign heats up.

She has represented the constituency since her first victory in 2014 and will seek her third term at Queen’s Park.

Gretzky says his team put up signs this week and they had some great conversations at the gates.

“A lot of what I hear at the gates is COVID-related. People are worried about the healthcare system because they had to access it during the pandemic. People are worried about what we’ve seen in the long-term care and the fact that almost 5,000 seniors have died in long-term care facilities under this Conservative government.”

Also, she has heard a lot about affordability and the fact that the cost of housing and rent has gone up.

A key factor for Gretzky personally is that it’s not just at election time that she tries to come out to talk to people, which Gretzky says is one of the best parts of running for office.

“I’m away for the four-year period between elections to talk to residents. There are a lot of people who would never think of contacting an elected official’s office, whether municipal, federal or provincial. That’s so really good to go to their doorstep and have these one-on-one conversations with them and hear what’s important to them in particular,” she said.

Most of the bills Gretzky proposed or introduced were focused on the people of Windsor and came from door-to-door ideas.

She says the big umbrella of affordability is really where a lot of talk ends up these days, especially around housing, and expects it to be a key election issue.

“We have a whole generation that is excluded from the housing market,” Gretzky continued. “We have people who cannot access rental housing, we have over 40,000 people with disabilities on waiting lists across the province, but also here in Windsor who are waiting for safe and stable supportive housing. .

The first all-candidates debate put on the local Chamber of Commerce go thursdaywith the Windsor West debate scheduled for 1:15 p.m.

The provincial election is scheduled for Thursday, June 2.

– with files from Rob Hindi of the AM800


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