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Gloucester BID has welcomed two new high-level board members who represent opposing sides of the city.

Jacquie Douglas, Chief Executive of Aspire Sports and Cultural Trust, along with Hugh Joslyn, Director of Gloucester Brewery, have now joined the Business Improvement District Board and will play key decision-making roles to support businesses in Gloucester.

Gloucester BID announced that it was successful in securing a second term last June. The second official term now begins this October 1 with the BID Board and team looking forward to addressing the priorities the companies have requested.

Gloucester BID is an independent, business-led body that is funded by tax-paying businesses in the BID area of ​​Gloucester city centre. It provides vital business services such as patrolling the city’s protection officers, as well as funding events and projects to make the city more attractive.

The second term lasts for five years and BID has a strong focus on improving the city for businesses and the public. Its funds, which come from royalty-paying companies, are reinvested in projects that provide lasting business benefits. The new members of the Gloucester BID Board of Directors add to the 9-member BID Board of Directors, made up of diverse business owners who make decisions on behalf of the ratepayers of the Gloucester District.

New Board Member Jacquie Douglas said: “I am passionate about Gloucester and what it has to offer residents and visitors to our city. I am particularly pleased to join such a proactive and dynamic Board of Directors and I truly look forward to contributing to the realization of important initiatives and infrastructure developments that should take place. These are exciting times for our city and I am thrilled to be able to be a part of its continued growth.

Hugh Joslyn said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to join the Gloucester BID Board and help the fantastic team deliver on plans for the second term. It’s a really exciting time for the city with huge projects underway including The Forum project, the new University of Gloucester campus, the Food Dock in the Quays. We are seeing investment all over the city, and as a member of BID, I want our entire business community to benefit from these projects and all the other amazing opportunities this city offers.

Gloucester BID Acting Director Toby Wooldridge said: “Everything we do is aimed at making Gloucester a better place to visit and do business. We will pursue our priorities, including making the city safer and more attractive, implementing new ideas and initiatives, and knowing and working with the many other organizations in the city. By working together, we can make a difference and improve the city for all.’

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