Court of Appeal commutes prison sentences of 3 Asians to 6 months


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Mohammad Yasin, Staff reporter

Three Asian employees kept an Asian man inside a work accommodation for three days and assaulted him to force him to return 150,000 Dhs which one of them claimed the victim procrastinated to return to. a company they worked for.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the defendants to two years in prison followed by deportation. The Court of Appeal however commuted the decision in 6 months but upheld the expulsion.

The case dates back to June last year when an Asian man filed a complaint with police in which he said a friend had been locked up by others. According to the complainant, he received a call from a friend from his home country in which he said that a mutual friend had been detained by a gang, who asked him to transfer 150,000 Dhs to be released.

The complainant added that he had received information from his friend that their mutual friend had been detained in work accommodation at a company he worked for in the Dubai South area near Dubai Airport. The complainant reported the incident to the police who attended the location indicated.

A police officer said in inquests that a team of detectives found the victim in a room of a private residence belonging to the company he worked for, adding that the victim suffered from fear and fatigue.

During his interrogation, the victim said he went to his company and his manager asked him to give him 150,000 Dhs which belonged to their company but he replied that he did not have this amount of money.

The victim added that his manager, with the help of others, took him to workers’ accommodation after seizing his phone, then detained him in a bedroom in company accommodation, and that he was beaten for three days, before one of them asked to contact a friend of his to help him transfer the required amount to them from his home country. The victim explained that he contacted a friend of his in his country of origin to transfer money to him in order to save him, the latter having informed a mutual friend residing in the country to help him. The police were notified and the suspects were arrested, the court sentenced them and issued its advance ruling.

The victim said he contacted a friend of his in his home country to transfer the amount of money for his release. The friend, however, asked a mutual friend residing in the United Arab Emirates who informed the police accordingly.


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