Celestial Unity enables long term sustainability with actual use around a digital token



Celestial Unity is an integrated and decentralized financial service. It aims to provide secure, inclusive, innovative and transparent crypto financial services to users around the world.

Sydney, Australia, December 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Celestial Unity provides a systematic formula for people to achieve continuous increase in value and zero volume payouts in the crypto world. Blockchain technology is here to transform the world. Since its discovery, this peer-to-peer network has opened access to all, bringing decentralization into play. The list of its apps has revealed that it can achieve a high level of transparency and security. The global financial crisis that paved the way for the invention of cryptocurrency is now set to change the whole talk of finance. Now is a good time to think about it and you have to investigate it thoroughly to find the right option.

Cryptocurrency has been the center of attention for some time now. However, there is still a lot of confusion as to its nature and its credibility is often questioned. Aiming to solve the current challenges in the crypto space, PHX Innovations aims to provide secure, inclusive, innovative and transparent crypto financial services to users around the world. PHX Innovations enables users to participate in the crypto market by enabling them to earn passive crypto income in a convenient and transparent manner. They provide the market with high quality assets and promote the wealth of the entire market for all interested.

PHX Innovations has developed a concept of a functional commercial bank for the cryptocurrency industry, while the banking functionality will function as a traditional bank to provide financial services to the public and businesses while ensuring economic and social stability. and sustainable growth with the economy. . The system will allow users to connect their digital wallets and verify their identity with their primary bank account, allowing for an easy transaction process between the two and a centralized location for financial needs. The facility is integrated with traditional loan facilities, debit cards, credit cards and system users are accustomed to digital facility acceptance.

The marketing techniques and budget allocation of the Celestial Unity token are within the power of PHX innovation to allocate funds and appropriate marketing. Innovate, disrupt, empower, make the transition. Several models are under development to implement and achieve these goals. Readers are now intrigued as to why heavenly unity has prevailed over others? Well the answer is simple, it has many advantages:
– Systematic and Risk-Mitigated Growth: With Celestial Unity, a platform for continuous systematic risk-mitigated growth has been developed for the community with the ability of end users to benefit from it in mind.
– Auditable and Transparent: PHX Innovations data is transparent and open to everyone on the platform. All acceptance information is posted on the PHX Innovations website.
– Community Driven: PHX Innovations is designed to foster a community of crypto users. They want to empower people to participate more in and profit from the crypto market.
– Celestial Unity Usage Token: PHX Innovations has offered a unique introduction that can be used worldwide on all cryptocurrency platforms. Thus, not only for the benefit of the large crypto community, but also a global network which can begin to integrate systems at scale.

The Heavenly Ecosystem is a platform designed for ongoing rewards paid to its BUSD holders while increasing rewards weekly without relying on volume. Providing long-term security and prosperity, holders are rewarded in 3 different systematic function programs.

CU Market is a peer to peer marketplace designed that will allow users to develop their business solutions on a secure platform with excellent advertising capability as seamlessly as possible. The CU Marketplace offers 100% security in crypto payments or a money back guarantee for the services provided through the platform and the transaction.

Celestial Unity NFT Real Estate is a platform designed for the cryptocurrency market that provides long-term rental income from commercial and residential properties. Celestial Unity NFT real estate allows users to purchase unique NFTs, properties purchased for NFTs by PHX Innovations will provide users with BUSD rewards while holding NFTs.

With all of this and more, The Celestial Unity plans to disrupt the way the crypto industry is and combine this new economy with traditional banking methodology. Promoting redistribution, they aim to give everyone in the world an equal opportunity to manage and improve their financial security, to ensure the safety of new investors and a wider range of the market to acquire cryptos and trade through a regulated secure system.

Website: http://www.celestialunity.com/

CONTACT: Name: Denisz Sipos Email: Support@phxinnovations.com Organization: Celestialunity



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