CBSE Class 10 Elements of Business Term 2 Sample Paper 2022: Download with Scoring Scheme


Download here the CBSE Class 10 Elements of Business Term 2 sample document along with its grading system. Check the sample paper and the grading scheme to prepare well for the upcoming exam.

Example of CBSE 2022 document: CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for Elements of Business Subject is provided in this article. This sample document is issued by the board to help students know the question pattern that will be followed in the upcoming CBSE Class 10 Examination 2022. Students should prepare for their exam in the format of this latest Elements of Business sample document. . The scoring scheme provided with the sample paper can be consulted to see the answers to all the questions given in the sample paper and to understand how the answers will be graded in stages during the board’s examination.

Check below CBSE Class 10 Elements of Business (154) Paper sample Term 2 (2022):

Maximum marks: 35

Time Allowed: 02 Hours

General instructions:

1. This questionnaire contains 11 questions.

2. Points are indicated for each question.

3. There are two case-based questions.

Also check CBSE Class 10 Elements of Business Term 2 Syllabus 2022

1. Define the following terms: (a) Engage Supplier (b) Deposit

2. Briefly discuss advertising as a non-personal promotional tool for a business.


Identify and briefly discuss the promotional tool that entices people to buy a product immediately.

3. List the first four steps in the sales process.

4. State two factors responsible for the lack of popularity of “mail order businesses”.


List two limitations of multiple stores.

5. Distinguish between multiple stores and departmental stores on the basis of:-

(a location

(b) Product Range

(c) Services offered


Discuss two advantages of retailing in department stores.

6. Briefly explain radio as an advertising medium.

7. Discuss the concept of “sale” in business forms.

8. Differentiate between cash sales and credit sales.

9. Explain the following:

(a) Hire-purchase system

(b) Method of Payment.

10. “Vending machines are the latest revolution in marketing methods.” In light of the statement given, state five advantages of the vending machine.


“Under real market conditions, some retail stores are owned and operated by the same parent company and have identical merchandising strategies.”

Identify these types of “retail stores”. Also discuss the four benefits of these “retail stores”.




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