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Logan County Commissioner Paul Benedetti announces he is seeking a second term as commissioner and hopes to secure the Logan County Republican Party’s nomination in the May 3 primary election.

Prior to earning his commissioner seat, Benedetti spent 40 years as owner and operator of Benedetti Photography and eight years as president and CEO of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.

Her work with the chamber included national and international travel to learn best practices from thriving communities. He has been directly involved in attracting new business and industry to Logan County and creating more than 1,500 jobs, while helping area developers and entrepreneurs revitalize the county’s business districts.

A key role for Benedetti in these economic development efforts was that of local liaison with the Ohio Governor’s office; Ohio Jobs; the community’s economic development region, One Columbus; and the Ohio Department of Transportation. He has helped many industrial and business leaders connect and utilize the state’s economic development tools and incentives.

During his eight years in the chamber, Benedetti also served as president of the Logan County Community Improvement Corporation. The CIC under his leadership expanded local economic development tools by participating in the creation of a port authority as well as opportunity and business zones. He believes this work provides the community with sustainable growth that helps fund local government services that residents value.

Four years ago, Benedetti decided to run for a seat on the Logan County Board of Commissioners. He has been successful in and has since championed initiatives in the areas of affordable high-speed Internet for all county residents, especially underserved rural and agricultural communities; attract new housing; and developing child care resources for working families.

A carryover initiative from Benedetti’s time with the chamber was to expand and improve sanitary sewer services for the East Liberty area of ​​the county. Since taking office, he has used relationships with local and state officials and industry leaders to secure land, easements and financing for a new facility to protect and preserve water quality. water and prepare for growth in this part of the county.

His leadership also helped navigate the county through the ongoing pandemic and state of emergency and helped establish open, transparent, and fiscally accountable county governance. He was instrumental in setting up a public forum open at 9.30am every Tuesday and Thursday the commissioners meet. It’s a time when county residents can stop by without an appointment and share their concerns directly with the commissioners.

A strong advocate for the rule of law, Benedetti is committed to properly funding the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, community first responders, and the Logan County District Attorney’s Office. He also continues to support the 2nd Amendment.

Benedetti values ​​community involvement and lived it as one of the original founders of the Top of Ohio Patriots and serving on numerous local and statewide committees. He is a past president of the Bellefontaine Kiwanis Club; professional photographers from Ohio; the Mid States Regional Professional Photographers Association; and the Mid-Ohio Development Exchange, a sister organization to One Columbus and its predecessor, Columbus 2020.

Benedetti and his wife, Nancy, live in the Bellefontaine district and are parents of five children and 11 grandchildren. They are active members of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship family of worship.

Commissioner Benedetti asks voters to support him on May 3.

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