Nurturing the Now

 " Knowing yourself as the Self is the ultimate intimacy."

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About Me
A lifetime on the spiritual path

"Keep speaking, keep sharing, keep us in tears and smiles. I love you."

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The occasional peek into my life.

Here are my latest MP3's....enjoy.

An Introduction 
Miscellaneous essays about suffering and spirituality.

The Ultimate Intimacy
Essays on my life, random and otherwise.

Fishpond Thoughts
A very  popular page.
A grab bag of essays filtered through the unconscious.

Satsang with Swami Z
His qualifications are nonexistent and so is he.  I met this swami when he moved into my home and soon he was giving satsang right in front of my nose.  Not only that but people were falling in love with him.  As Ram Dass says, "What to do?"  Wearing not a blanket but a bedsheet, Swami began making cookies and holding forth in 2002.  If I am lucky, he will run out of quaint sayings, but never out of cookies.

Mystical Bliss

Oneliners by Vicki Woodyard on the nature of the spiritual path.

Links are what lead you into new and exciting places.  Have fun.

Journey to Wellness
Essays written when Bob was undergoing treatment for his multiple myeloma.
My caregiver days.


How You Can Help

My writing is a labor of love and yet there are expenses involved. Spiritual teachings are given from the heart and yet the body lives in the world.


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